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I need to get some Shut Up! Flower Boy Band spazzing out of my system. In case someone haven’t seen the latest episode and don’t want to know what happens, I’m going to put a picture right here, one of a sleeping Byung Hee, so I don’t accidentally spoil episode six for anyone. But don’t keep scrolling. Image

OK, I’m going to start the real blog post now.


K-dramas aren’t exactly known for their sexy kisses. We’ve all seen them: “kisses” that pretty much just consist of the characters pressing their faces together so their lips touch. Hence the possibility of someone falling onto someone else counting as a real kiss, I guess? The setting can be perfect, romantic and awesome in all ways, but there’s just no action, and having started to see the k-drama kisses as symbolic rather than realistic, I don’t expect anything more. To be honest, I’m pretty relieved that I don’t have to sit through annoying sequences of people eating face – I still get the tension of the build up, and its release. So when I see a drama kiss that actually looks like a kiss, I first do my regular starry-eyed “omg they kisssss, yay!” pose and then I go like “WHAT, THEY KISS FOR REAL??”

Yesterday, that happened again. I decided to ditch the stuff I should actually have been doing and watch the latest Shut Up! Flower Boy Band episodes. Having been too busy to keep up with related Internet stuff, and for once being so intrigued with the drama itself that I didn’t simultaneously keep checking one or more recaps to get other inputs on what actually happened (I tend to do that; a horrible habit), I totally wasn’t expecting that kiss. When Soo Ah confessed her feelings, I thought Ji Hyuk would reject her even though he didn’t actually want to, just because it’s a drama – we’re just in episode six! When Ji Hyuk intertwined his hand with Soo Ah’s, I thought he would get interrupted – we’re just in episode six! When he leaned in, I started hoping I’d been wrong, but what I did not expect was for the kiss to be a Real Kiss. Even mutual! Soo Ah closed her eyes instead of widening them in shock! AWW YEAH! I was just so happy that I decided not to go into the topic of chastity and gender roles in k-drama at the museum today. Just having seen a kiss like that, that would just have felt wrong.

Shut Up! Really hasn’t lost ground yet. It was a little slow during some parts of episode three, but that was quickly made up for in episode four. It keeps messing with my expectations, and I’m really grateful for that. I’m still a little wary that it’ll get less good with time, but let’s hope it doesn’t. I like how things aren’t secret for too long just to drag out the story, I like that the second female lead isn’t the cliché second female lead at all, I like how Seung Hoon is totally sympathetic but just as prejudiced as he’s bound to be, I like Soo Ah and Ji Hyuk so much as characters and now when the light of Byung Hee isn’t as blinding anymore, I hope we will get to see even more character development for the rest of the band.

Source: Starcraft

I also can’t make a blog post about a kiss without saying something about the epic Sungjong/Sungyeol (note the order) kissing fancam from the Infinite concerts. The kiss actually looks pretty passionate – way more passionate than the original Trouble Maker kisses as well as most k-drama kisses. To be honest, I had lost some interest in Sungyeol thinking he was just a funny guy, whatever, even though Sungjong’s recent manliness had got me pondering again (gender as something made rather than something natural, etc, swift as a coursing river, blah blah). But when the funny guy gets put in a dress and the girly guy demonstrates his manliness by giving him this super-dominating, passionate kiss, all the while both looking 100 % serious? It’s fanservice with so many layers of queerness I get all dizzy. Here, have a gif for that too.

Sungyeol, Sungjong, Soo Ah and Ji Hyuk: Get it, get it, get it, get it!


Edit: OMG how could I write episode four when I meant episode six all along? Idk, fixed it now anyways.

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  • Julyssa says:

    How appropriate isn’t it that I’m listening to Hyun Joong’s “Kiss Kiss” as I read this? Too funny. Great post love! I’m so happy your blogging more, you’re so good at it. Or it could be that we like the same topics 😛

    • I approve of the coincidence! And: Thanks. So am I! I think it got easier when I started expecting less of my posts, but if it’s good enough anyways, I’m glad ^^
      Feel like I’ve been missing out on your projects recently. Hope to see you soon though?

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